How to Get an Arxiv Endorsement

When people find out that I post papers in Arxiv, I always get asked how I got an endorsement. I get the impression that people are either (1) not confident enough about their work and think that nobody will endorse them or (2) they don’t know how where to get an endorser. As to (1), you don’t need to come up with a revolutionary paper to get an endorsement. You only need to pass Arxiv’s modest standards, which means that your paper contains decent mathematics and not a purported proof to a long-standing open problem. In other words, you only need to show that you’re not a crackpot. As to (2), getting an endorser is easy – here’s how.

1. First, you need to sign up for an account.

2. Look for an article which is in the same field as your research or is related to the paper you intend to post. Click the link “Which authors of this paper are endorsers?”


The page will tell you the name of the authors who qualify as endorsers. If none of the authors are endorses, then look for another paper.


3. Once you have found an endorser, send him/her an e-mail that you’re asking for an endorsement. Attach the papers you intend to submit. The author’s e-mail is listed in the paper’s main page. Just click the view the “email link” below “Submission history”.


One thought on “How to Get an Arxiv Endorsement

  1. I don’t wish to be rude but I tried exactly what you suggested and got a long string or replies that basically amounted to ‘we’re too busy to look over your paper in even the most superficial fashion.’ Personally I think endorsers on arXiv should loose their own endorsement if they persistently refuse to make a contribution to screening new authors.

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